Hello guys !!

Back for a new article here. So today I’m gonna talk about something different. I’m not gonna show you my pictures but I’m gonna show you pictures of where I’m craving to go!!!

So I’m gonna start by number 5 to 1 🙂

5 Greece

Ok Greece is a really touristic place but I’m not interested in Greece for beaches and sun, no, I’m more focused on the historical place it is and it was. When I was younger I was really interested into greek mythology and history. I had books, video games, comics, etc, about it. I don’t know but I was fascinated by their way of life back then, even if it was 2000 years ago they were pretty smart for that time and really focused on society and philosophy. So yes Greece is one of the country I will definitely visit one day, to see all the ruins, temples, etc ❤

Greek ruins

4 French Polynesia

Even tho I’m french (if you didn’t know yet) I never been to our remote territory. French Polynesia is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which means more than 20h of flight to go there and it’s pretty expensive. But I think the place worth the trip, everything I saw of this place looks amazing !! It is so damn beautiful and paradisiac 😮 . From Bora Bora to Tahiti and Papeete, with clear crystal blue lagoon water, palm trees and white sand beaches. How can not want to go there ? Especially when it is linked to your country.

credit: Instagram/doyoutravel

3 Russia

Russia always have intrigued me. This is such a big country with so many places to see and explore, from west to east, from Europe to Asia. Moscow and St Petersburg are must-go cities, especially St Petersburg which looks amazing, architecturally, culturally, etc. Taking the Trans-Siberian railway, stop by the Baikal Lake.

Lake Baikal in winter

2 New-Zealand

Since Lord of the Rings I always wanted to explore NZ. From the Southern Alps to Auckland, this country looks amazing, maybe it’s the fact it is so far and isolated that it is so intriguing. There are one of the most beautiful landscape over there from what I’ve see online. Can’t wait to go visit ❤


1 Colombia

Colombia, ô colombia ! Never been a fan before but since I’ve met one of the greatest person I know which is from Colombia, I can’t wait to go there. She told me a lot about her country and I search online. Damn Colombia is so beautiful !!!!!! Like you have Andes landscapes with mountains, etc, and also white tropical sand beaches with palm trees at Parque Tayrona. Colombia also has 2 island in Caribbean sea, it looks like paradise on earth. I know Colombia is not the safest country in the world but it is getting better and better. I know I’m going there, if it’s not this year it is surely next year.

Parque Tayrona

Hope you like me dream destinations !!

It’s your turn now !

Tell me where you’re craving to go, I wanna know and maybe it gives me ideas !




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