5 Wallpapers Coming From My Different Travels

You’ve been quite a few over the time to asked me for some pictures to use them as wallpaper. So I decided to share with you some of my favorite pictures that I used in the past as wallpaper.

I’m just an amateur in photography and it has been a passion for a long time now. But seeing some people asking for my pictures is quite exciting !

In fact, I’m gonna do 5 themes which 2 pictures for each theme, so it’s more 10 pictures. All pictures are made by me and you can find them on my Instagram so take a look 😉 .

If you’re on mobile you just have to open this page in Google Chrome or Safari or whatever and click on “view full size” then download the picture.


Paris is definitely one of my favorite city. The architecture is wonderful and majestic, it is perfect for photography. The best way is to lost yourself into the city and you’ll always find some hidden treasures.

Here 2 of my favorite pictures :

  • The first one is Rue Rivoli 
  • The second is at the Lamarck – Caulaincourt metro station in Montmartre


Dublin has a special place in my heart ! As you may know or not I lived 6 months in Dublin that’s why this city is so special to me. I made some really good friends there that I miss so much …

Anyway the 2 pictures are really different :

  • The first one is the Spire (Dublin monument)
  • The second was taken at sunset time by the Liffey (river)


London was the first city outside France that I visited. I still remember all this adventures with my classmates from middle school. Such good memories 🙂

London is very different and has the unique mood. That’s why I went back this summer to really enjoy exploring the city without any teachers 😀

The 2 pictures are scenery that I really like :

  • The first one was taken right next to Big Ben
  • The second one too but on the Westminster Bridge


This time it’s not a city but a country ! I’ve lived 3 months in Madrid and travelled to so many places during this time that it was hard picking only 2 pictures for that country. But I managed to get 2 🙂

I love Spain, I think Spanish is one of my favorite language, I love their culture, their way of life. Bring me back please !

The 2 pictures are from different cities :

  • The first one is from Sevilla, one of all time favorite city ! Plaza de España is so damn beautiful
  • The second is from Valencia, showing the typical balconies there


Copenhagen was a nice little weekend trip with one good friend. We explore the city as much as we could in only 2 days and half. But I have to tell you that the way of life their is high quality. Everything is clean, people are respectful, the architecture is so different but I loved it. The only bad point was the weather, kinda of cold ahah

Here 2 pictures :

  • The first one was taken near our Airbnb, it is called The Lakes
  • The second one was taken at Nyhavn, Copenhagen old harbour

In bonus I’m sharing with you my current wallpaper which is :

Bordeaux-cours de l'intendance

That’s it ! I hope you guys liked it and feel free to download them. Tell me if you like the pictures in the comments and don’t hesitate to share ❤


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